Dark Heresy: Semper Primus Cell

Aboard the Emperor's Wrath

It's a long way down...

Attacks on supply ships having been causing issues in the current planetary system. Our ship is attacked by an unknown enemy, crash landing on a mysterious planet the marines and other survivors must find out what is going on.

The surviving crewmembers are abducted by mysterious foes who turn out to be advanced lictors.


The marines meet a human called Yaro after the Deathwatch marines drive off the lictors. He tells the heroes that they have been marked by the “abductors.” He warns the heroes that the tyranid horde will soon be after them. Yaro tells them of a settlement in the north that has defenses where safety, rest, and sustenance can be found.

After chasing the lictors off but losing the last of the surviving crewmembers. Yaro takes us to the settlement and introduces us to his leader Benlow. The settlement survives in a crashed starship that the peasants live in. The shield is used to keep the sand out.

_ – Benlow and his grandson_

Benlow tells Tsu’los Fellborn and the others of a cave complex of “abductors” that has been there for years. The “abductors” have taken members of the settlement over the years, but the abductions have increased greatly over recent years.

The crashed starship is called the Folly and is home to the last humans on the planet. The survivors appear to be decendents of the original crew. The planet had previously been prepared for destruction by killing off the biological matter on the planet, but the cyclone torpedo’s had not been launched before the Folly fell from the sky.



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