Dark Heresy: Semper Primus Cell

Destroy the tryanid horde

Meat is back on the table boys...


The Deathwatch marines spend some time exploring the crashed starship until they hear the cries of alarm from the peasants. Running out they discover a vast Termaguant horde descending on the settlement. The marines fire missiles, hellfire rounds, and bolters into the horde doing devastating damage, but still the horde advances. Nearing the marines squad a might tyranid Ravenor appears.


Caius unleashed a rain of hellfire rounds into the elite tyranid bringing him down before it even has a chance to harm any of the battle brothers. The Termagaunt horde is broken shortly thereafter.

The peasants cheer the marines actions. Tsu’los Fellborn removes his helmet to taste the brains of the Ravenor. In his mind he sees that the tyranids have infested the entire system, not just this planet. Tsu’los also senses that the hive on this planet is lead by something even stronger than a Hive Mind and that the hive’s plans are near completion. Tsu’los also senses that the creature is near…

Deciding they need further resources to confront the greater Hive Mind the marines head deep within the crashed starship that Folly is now housed in.
[[File:606841 | class=media-item-align-none | Crashed_ship.jpg]]

The marines find an archeo-tech medicae machine which Fugis seemingly had prior experience with for he massaged the machine spirit like a true apothecary healing Tsu’los, Tychos, and himself.

Pressing on the marines find a hanger bay with many destroyed machines and one intact Arvus Lighter. The marines also find some tracks, human size, that have been following us. We track the footprints back to the engine room. Here someone has made an altar out of a torpedo.

A mutant tech priest appears with his mutant servants. Tsu’los Fellborn congratulates these original crew member mutant decendants on their survival and invites them to commit ritual suicide so they can cleanse their own taint and honor the Emperor. The mutants reveal they have kept this portion of the ship active and sustain the shield that keeps Folly protected from the weather of this devastated planet. Sensing the chaos within the mutants the marines strike to cleanse the taint after the mutants fail to take up Tsu’los on his generous offer.


A mighty and unexpectedly difficult battle ensued. The mutant horde firing there lasguns and autoguns were surprisingly effective against the marines power armor due to the high volume of fire. Meanwhile the mutant Magos Phayzarus fired a green ray gun of incredible power that almost destroyed Fugis. The assault marines rushed forward flying and Caius and Tychus followed. Tychus’ flamer failing to harm the Magos. The mutant horde finally broke after a barrage of missile fire from Tsu’los Fellborn.

Battling the heretical Magus Brother Fugis finally hit him with his breacher inflicting grevious harm. Brother Tsu’los Fellborn followed up with a triple strike severing the Magos’ arm and then Brother Tychus stuffed a grenade in his mouth obliterating his head.

Thus was the engine room cleansed…



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