Dark Heresy: Semper Primus Cell

Out of Folly

Searching the area around the corrupted engine room of the Folly, the marines find two servitors created by Magos Phayzarus. Their space marine heritage evident by their size and skill. A mighty battle ensues where the kill team emerges victorius, by acting quickly Brother Tsu’los and Brother Fugis engage the servitors in melee preventing them from using their powerful ranged weapons.

Brother Caius equips the multi-melta and Brother Tychus takes the heavy bolter. And with this new firepower there was much rejoicing.

The marines also find Magos Phayzarus’ laboratory. They find many parts of space marines in various states of preservation and dissection. A data slate reveals that Magos Phayzarus hired pirates to bring down the ship that brought us here. The Magos also believed that the tyranids were his tool.

The data slate also reveals that the tyrands have a Dagon Overlord that is on the planet and is special to the hive.

The marines arm and equip those brave citizens of the Imperium that dwell in Folly and were willing to venture forth against the tyranid swarm. Using these native guides the marines arriver at cave enterance to the hive.



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