Dark Heresy: Semper Primus Cell

Torpedo Away!

We are the Emperor's ammunition againt the invading horde.


Leaving the planet the kill team discover that there is a large tyranid fleet in the system that has revealed itself and leaving all the plants. A small imperial task force is also present trying to inflict maximum damage on the temporarily vulnerable tyranid fleet.

The kill team meet with Captain-Admiril Bolos, who by now finds himself surrounded by the massive hive fleet. In a desperate ploy he turns top the greatest military asset available: The Semper Primus Deathwatch Kill Team.

Loading themselves on the boarding torpedo, the space marines hurl themselves at a key tyranid ship blocking the imperial task force from its tactical withdraw.


Battling hordes of tyranids the kill team fights deeper into the tyranid ship. Submerging into a gooey substance the kill team and imperial demo squad fight into the shield generation chamber.




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