Magos Phayzarus

“It is not enough that this abomination dares to steal gifts the Emperor intended only for his chosen. In doing so, he destroys that sacred line of legacy, which is all that sustains our future. We will show him the price of his transgressions.” –Brother


The heretical Magi of Samech twist and tarnish the pillars of the Adeptus Mechanicus’s faith. This desecration encompasses not only the machine, but also the Machine Cult’s quest for knowledge. Few better examples of the latter’s corruption are to be found than Magos Phayzarus, the Perjurer. Once a respected scion of Forge Dimeris, Phayzarus specialised in penetrating the datacrypts of human memory. Over time he developed a vast network of cogitators that could extract crude meaning from the electrical readings of a subject’s brain. While the other Magi of Dimeris were content to reap the secrets his discoveries revealed, it was not enough for Phayzarus’s addiction to knowledge. In the seventh century of M41 he obtained the corpse of a fallen Space Marine and extracted the warrior’s Omophagea organ for study. After years of analysis, splicing, and self-experimentation, Phayzarus succeeded in replicating the Omophagea’s memory-absorbing abilities by grafting a sample of the organ into his own spine. He did not long enjoy his success before the new tissue began to fail. Without the divine interaction with the source of the Space Marines’ blessings, the Progenoid gland, his illgotten gift began to fade. In order to maintain his covetous hold, Phayzarus reforged himself for a single, unimaginable purpose: to hunt Space Marines. He turned all of Samech’s forbidden science to his cause, re-making his body into a self-repairing amalgam of metal and artificial flesh to rival an Adeptus Astartes. Using subsumed knowledge, he acquired powerful archeotech, and ruthlessly documented every scrap of wisdom and every verse of battle doctrine he could absorb from the Angels of Death. Armed with knowledge and with ingenious technology, Phayzarus now subtly engineers the deaths of Space Marines to feed his dependency. He does not discriminate in his source of sustenance, thieving the gene-seed of Space Marines who follow Chaos and the Emperor alike. This earned him the enmity of the Chaos forces in the Charon Stars, and Samech’s Magi ultimately exiled him from their ranks for their own safety. However, information is a valuable currency, and Phayzarus’s stolen gifts make him rich. The Apostate Magos is well aware of his many enemies, and surrounds himself with the best protectors and strongest allies his secrets can purchase. The Achilus Crusade has showered the Perjurer with a fresh source of prey and new waves of bloodshed to hide behind. However, the Deathwatch remains a favoured target for Phayzarus as its teams usually operate in smaller numbers and more isolation than a Space Marine company. In turn, the Deathwatch’s loathing for his sacrilege knows no bounds; they can neither forgive nor forget the crimes committed against their Battle-Brothers. While Magos Phayzarus tries to avoid direct confrontation with the Adeptus Astartes, his addiction puts him in the crosshairs of many Astartes targeters. Over the years he has taken drastic measures to survive and escape such encounters. His profile includes the effects of his numerous physical modifications and implants, and his armoured exoskeleton: the Bones of Subversion.
dark works Below is a representative but by no means complete list of the murders the Perjurer Phayzarus has engineered.

M41.599, The DemiHerald: The Deathwatch found a xenos ship drifting silently near Watch Station Klaha. Battle-Brothers boarded to investigate. Their transmissions reported quick progress through the empty vessel for two hours. However, upon the third hour, their diminishing vox signals were laced with the sound of bolter fire. When a larger Deathwatch force breached the vessel to provide support, they found the entire Killteam dead, and stripped of gene-seed. While their armour was slagged and their corpses charred almost beyond recognition, the Progenoid extraction was performed with surgical precision. At the time, the event was thought to be the work of Chaos Space Marines, but later investigation revealed a delicate modification of the plasma drives that only a skilled Magos could have accomplished.

M41.787, The Weeping Cradle: In the Acheros Salient’s history of blood, few battles have tallied so many BattleBrother casualties as those to hold and retake Khazant, after the ascension of Lord Militant Tetrarchus. This period saw hundreds of desperate attempts by cut-off Imperial forces to hold their ground against the forces of Chaos. At the engagement recorded as the Weeping Cradle, the Dark Sons fought a gruelling war of attrition against the Word Bearers in a mountain pass to an Imperial spaceport. This engagement was notable for the number of inauspicious events that prevented either side from conclusively ending the battle. Every time one force seemed to gain the upper hand, rockslides, vehicle malfunctions, or information leaks put their victory in jeopardy. Several picts from the site showed an unidentified red-robed figure near the field.

M41.809, The Redshale Gambit: A Kill-team under the command of Watch Captain Drucall responded to reports of Enslaver forces spreading through the colony of Redshale on Sovereign. These reports were in error; the populace was in fact in the thrall of a dormant mutagen. The signs of Enslaver incursion were falsified, presumably to lure the Deathwatch into the infected colony. Over half of the designated Kill-team perished when Redshale suddenly erupted into a mob of blood-crazed mutants. Before the Deathwatch could bring the matter fully under control, agents of the Ordo Hereticus arrived and purged the planet of all native inhabitants. Their headstrong zeal erased any chance to learn more about of Phayzarus’s infection, making it likely that the Perjurer will be able to use a similar ploy again.


Magos Phayzarus

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