Dark Heresy: Semper Primus Cell

Jack is Back!

Why do we have to go so far away...

Forsillis system lies the planet Demeris. Bright blue star. Rest of the system is rocks and gas.
Demeris has numerous natural resources, good growing season, lots of edible aquatic life. Modeate infrastructure. Magleves, roads, ornathopters used. Small ship building facility for intra system ships.

Not officially part of the imperium.

Kapac Govenor and whining dilitante who rules the planet in theory.
Starport named Sphinx.
Defnese force flotilla with men at arms.
St. Drusus shrine.

Hard working devout people.

Port Locklheart.
Commander Fayne ferries us to special super fast ship.

Kronos Expanse detect some unknown xeno taint influencing Demeris.

Port Wander- Imperium does not have much sway. Rogue traders and Navigator have sway. Navigator Kell.

Dock at Port Lockheart claiming to be from house Seerena.

Commnader Fayne informs us that pirates have stolen the SHield Capacitor that was intended by the inquisitor for Fayne’s vessel.



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