Dark Heresy: Semper Primus Cell

Previously in Semper Primus Cell

You are led through numerous cramped hallways and across the cathedral-like vaulted ceilings of the main corridor. You come to a door with multiple inquistorial stormtroopers on either side standing guard. You notice Taiia wave her hand just before the door opens. Inside you see the grand dome above your head with an imperial mural dipicting some ancient battle. Looking around you become keenly aware you cannot see the walls of the room or pierce the shadows with your photocontacts. Taiia has also disappeared into the shadows. It seems you’re alone in the light.

After a few moments a figure sitting in a chair becomes backlit ever so slightly and speaks, “I have lifted each of you from your previous lives for a purpose. Look around you. You were to be the light in the darkness, the light that pushes back the night. Always remember, wherever light goes, it finds darkness waiting.”

“What was your mission in Hive Desoleum?” says the Inquisitor. Before the acolytes can stammer a half answer he continues, “It was to uncover any clues to any dangers posed to the imperium and report your findings. Instead, you took it upon yourselves to uncover a xenos trade network, discover the trade of daemon hosts as well combat one by yourselves. These are not the actions of Acolytes… Step forward.”

Three servitors emerge from the shadows, each with a gold inlaid black box with a red and silver inquisitorial “I” inlaid into the lid. “Each of you place your hand on the symbol of the inquisition. As acolytes you have proven your capabilites in combat, your intuition during your investigation, and the initiative to fight the darkness at all costs. Only the most trusted are ascended from Acolyte. As my Throne Agents you have joined the ranks of the higher inquistion with both the power and responsibility that such a station entails.” You feel a sharp pain in your palm for a split second, then the “I” raises from the box into your palm. “With these Inquisitorial Rosettes, you wield the power of the inquisition in my name.”



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