Ship Small Craft Capacity


For each five points of hull integrity (round up) a ship can hold four spaces of small craft, in addition to any squadrons. Each cargo hold and the barracks component provide another 16 space for small craft. These craft do not provide achievement point bonuses.

PCs automatically start with two spaces worth of small craft for every five points of hull integrity, plus the 16 spaces provided by each cargo hold and barracks component. Additional craft may be acquired during play. Combat void-craft and combat aeronautica can be stored in the room available to other craft, but must be acquired in game if not associated with a launch bay component, and can generally not be deployed effectively during void combat. Players may select freely from the Support Small Craft list below:

Support Small Craft

icon_AquilaLander.jpgAquilla Lander
The aquilla is a small, lightly-armed shuttle used primarily for VIP transport. Carrying capacity is 10 men/ 10 cu m/2t [Size: 1]

icon_Arvus4.jpgArvus Lighter
The Arvus is a slightly larger, but unarmoured and less manoeuvrable shuttle. Carrying capacity is 12 men/24 cu m/6t. [Size: 1]

The gun-cutter is a versatile, heavily armoured craft that can be used as a transport, ground support vehicle and even a dog-fighter if necessary. Carrying capacity is 30 men/60 cu m/12t. A VIP variant is available with luxurious quarters for 6. [Size: 2]

icon_halo_cargo_barge.jpgHalo Barge
The halo barge is an unarmed, bulk cargo hauler. Carrying capacity is 80 men/160 cu m/40t. [Size: 2]

Assault Barge
The assault barge is an armoured, lightly-armed shuttle designed to get large numbers of troops to the surface. Capacity 100 men/200 cu m/50t [Size: 4]

Transit Barge
The transit barge is a civilian bulk hauler. Capacity 200 men/400 cu m/100t. [Size: 4]

Combat Voidcraft

icon_furyinterceptor.jpgFighter (Fury Interceptor)
Can fly CVP to protect the ship from enemy small-craft and torpedoes, escort bombers to protect them from enemy fighters, or fly out to engage enemy small craft. (20 per squadron) [Size: 3]

icon_Starhawk.jpgBomber (Starhawk Bomber)
Attack enemy ships. (10 per squadron) [Size: 3]

icon_sharkassaultboat.jpgAssault Boat (Shark Assault Boat)
Used to carry troops to enemy ships for hit-and-run operations. (8 per squadron) [Size: 3]

Combat Aeronautica

icon_Lightning.jpgFighter (Lightning)
Most models can fight void combat if necessary, but they are designed primarily for atmospheric deployment. Can fight enemy small craft or support ground operations. (40 per squadron) [Size: 1]

icon_Thunderbolt.jpgFighter (Thunderbolt)
They are heavy fighters that are slower and less agile than Lightnings, they do have superior ground-attack capabilities. (30 per squadron) [Size: 1]

icon_Marauder.jpgBomber (Marauder)
As with Lightnings, they can fight void combat if necessary, but they typically lack the firepower to have a dramatic impact on larger ships. Used mainly for strategic bombing and close air support. (20 per squadron) [Size: 1]

icon_VultureGunship.pngGround Assault (Vulture)
The Vulture is a Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) airborne attack gunship. However, Vultures are not used as air superiority fighters due to their slow air speed. The Valkyrie is also unable to operate in the vacuum of space and thus cannot be used in space superiority or orbital assault actions. (20 per squadron) [Size: 1]

icon_Valkyrie11.pngCombat Transport (Valkyrie)
The Valkyrie is a Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) airborne assault carrier. The Valkyrie is capable of carrying 12 troops, but cannot carry Space Marines. Valkyries also posses the cargo capacity to carry modified Drop Sentinels, Cyclops Demolition Vehicles or Sentry Guns instead of a complement of Guardsmen, but the added weight requires that they also carry two additional external fuel tanks. (16 per squadron) [Size: 1]

icon_Skytalon.jpgArmour Transport (Sky Talon)
The Valkyrie Sky Talon is a stripped-down Valkyrie modified to carry light vehicles instead of troops. The troop compartment is replaced with magnetic lifting clamps that allow the aircraft to latch-on to light vehicles, such as the Tauros and drop them from a very low altitude right into the heart of battle. (16 per squadron) [Size: 1]

*Any aeronautica squadron can provide 25 achievement points towards ground-based Military objectives.
*A support craft squadron provides 25 achievement points towards a Trade objective which they can support.

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Ship Small Craft Capacity

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